Home Extensions & Additions

Extension is one option that many people consider to make more room for themselves or just to enhance their living spaces. It’s an investment that can not only increase the financial value of your house but also add that extra space that to your home so that you feel more comfortable and relaxed. No matter how much space you have in a house you always seem to run out of it as things keep adding year after year. Instead of buying a new home most of the people find it better to just get a home extension done to make up for the extra space that they require in their house.

Home Extensions

Any extension has to be carefully done so that they look and feel of the entire house in not compromised. Although it is easy to think of getting an extension done in some part of your house, an experienced builder can give you a better picture of how it should all be done. Super Builders Brisbane is one of the most trusted names in the housing industry. We have not only built some of the most beautiful houses in Queensland but have also helped several residents with extensions that they needed on their existing property.

Our technology and skills have given us an edge over most of the builders in the area and we pride ourselves in the fact that we have more customers that come back to us than any other company in Queensland. Some of the extensions that we created for homes look as if they were always a part of the house. From an upward extension to building decks for homes, we have done it all and no matter how much space you have available we will make sure that the extension looks elegant and serves its purpose well.

So whether you are looking for a separate living space or an extension to an existing room, we have the rights people and tools to make that happen for you. Call Super Builders Brisbane today and you will be surprised by what we have to offer.