How to Buy Property in Vietnam?

Properties for sale in Vietnam

The places in the world have exhausted when it comes to properties. It is because of this reason that there are many eyes which have now turned to Vietnam for investments. The Properties for sale in Vietnam are available and the buyers are many but if you are one of them then you should be aware of certain conditions before you make an investment.

Laws of the Country

Vietnam has been stringent when it came to property and land laws. It made a relaxation a few years earlier which has changed the way the world sees the place now but the situation is a little tricky then it seems. The foreigners are allowed to buy houses in Vietnam but not the land which is where the whole gap in the process lies.  This does not mean that everything is lost the buyers can still think about many other options which can help them with their ownership.

Lease Option

The government does offer a lease option to the buyers. The Houses for sale in Vietnam can be purchased by the foreigners and for the land, they can enter with a lease of 50 years. These leases are renewable without any additional fees. These apartments then can be rented or sold and if the status changes then the foreign national enjoys their fair share. The ideas are to protect the rights of the country and the people and thus the foreign national should be aware of the laws when they enter the agreement.

Company Ownership

The laws which are around the formation of a company and the ownership of property by it are very different. The buyers can thus but property under the flagship of the company which they jointly own. This company can be a joint venture with the local or a foreign owned company or a BOT.

The foreigners can own the dwelling houses in the country. These houses cannot be sub-leased by the owners as it is against the law. The owners can sell these houses and can even donate the house to anyone. These dwellings will be ceased if the person leaves Vietnam. This will be done in about 90 days after the person moves out. The property’s ownership is thus an important issue in Vietnam and hence the buyers are always asked to use discretion.

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