Small or Narrow Lot Homes

Most of the land owners and builders see a small or narrow lot land as a challenge when it comes to building a house. Super Builders Brisbane on the other hand looks at it as an opportunity to use their skills and expertise to create a perfect home that reflects style, elegance and functionality. Like any other piece of land a small lot has its own set of challenges and opportunities. The only question is how do you turn a challenge into an opportunity by implementing cleaver design concepts so that every square meter of the land is intelligently utilized.

Sloping Block Homes

No one knows this better than us. We have helped several land owners in and around Queensland with their narrow lots of land and made them proud owners of beautiful homes that they like to show-off. This has all been possible because of the dedicated team of professional builders that work for us who know everything there is to know about building a perfect home. Being locals of the area we understand the standards of living that people here expect from their homes. Through our out of the box thinking and years of experience we can make your house look nothing less than what you had imagined it to be.

Whether it’s a unique design that you are looking for or the overall functionality, we can deliver whatever you may have in mind and even exceed your expectation in some ways. We can customize the design based on your individual requirements and lay out a plan that fits your budget. Once you let one of our experts visit your land, you would be surprised by what we can do for you with whatever you have available. This is where our designers will prove to you that they really are innovators who can turn any place into a perfect example of serenity.

So what are you waiting for? Speak to one of our representatives today to find out how we can make your dream home a reality.